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Boldt Castle

Thousand Islands Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle, located on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands ( Alexandria Bay )of the Saint Lawrence River, along the northern border of New York State, is a major landmark and tourist attraction in its region. Heart Island is part of the Town of Alexandria, in Jefferson County.
Boldt Castle
Aerial view from Boldt Castle - Thousand Islands
Alexandria Bay NewYork
Alster Tower in Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle in 1000 islands
Boldt Castle in the 1000 Islands Region of the St. Lawrence River stands as a remembrance of the magnificence of a bygone era… a monument of love on Heart Island of George C. Boldt for his wife Louise. The George C. Boldt Yacht House on nearby Wellesley Island is unique, warranting a visit by means of a shuttle boat connecting it to Heart Island. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.
Boldt Castle Love Story
Boldt Castle on Heart Island
Two other buildings on the island are the Power House and the Alster Tower; both are open to the public. The Power House was built to hold a generator to supply the island with power, and now is more of a museum of how electric power was obtained in the early 1900s, as well as a few stories of getting tools and equipment to Heart Island during the castle's construction. The Alster Tower was purposely constructed with slanting and uneven walls, ceilings, and roofs.
Boldt Castle Power house
Thousand Islands Boldt Castle
Thousand Islands of the Saint Lawrence River
How to Reach : Boat tours from both the U.S. and Canada stop at Heart Island. Extensive docking is available for private pleasure craft.

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