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Kollidam Bridge Near Chidambaram

The Kollidam  (referred to as Coleroon in Colonial English) is a river in southeastern India. The Kollidam is the northern distributary of the Kaveri River as it flows through the delta of Thanjavur. 
Kollidam Bridge Near Chidambaram

It splits from the main branch of the Kaveri River at the island of Srirangam and flows eastward into the Bay of Bengal. The distribution system in Kollidam lies at Lower Anaicut which is an island of river Kollidam. In Lower Anaicut there is a massive shutter which distributes the water into five parts to River Vadavar, River north Rajan canal, North Kollidam, South Kollidam, South Rajan canal, and Kumukkimanniyaru.

Kollidam (Tamil Meaning: காவேரி கொள்ளும் இடம் கொள்ளிடம்) if excess flow of water in Cauvery river, it will be turned to kollidam , so that floods will be avoided.

Location : The image shared here is taken in the Kollidam bridge on the way Chidambaram to Mayladuthurai

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