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Virudhunagar Temples  

Virudhunagar  (Tamil: விருதுநகர்) is a  major business town and it is the capital of Virudhunagar District located at a distance of 45 Kms South-West of Madurai.
Parasakthi amman Temple Virudhunagar
Temples in Virudhunagar
1. Parasakthi amman Temple
2. Parasakthi Veyiilugandha amman Temple
3. Balasubramaniya Swami Temple - ( these three temples are opposite to each other)
4. Ramar Kovil 

All the above 4 temples are very near to Virudhunagar old bus stand ( Walk able distance)

Ramar Kovil 
Ramar Kovil Virudhunagar
Virudhunagar Temples
Virudhunagar Ramar Koil
Parasakthi amman Temple
Parasakthi Temple Virudhunagar
Parasakthi Veyiilugandha Amman Temple
Parasakthi Veyiilugandha amman Temple - Virudhunagar

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