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Tiruvidaikazhi Murugan Temple

Thiruvidaikazhi (  திருவிடைக்கழி,  திரு இடைக்கழி  ) is situated in the enroute of Mayruam and Tharangampadi around 6 km from Thirukadaiyur. & 2 Kms west of Thillaiyaadi village.
Thiruvidaikazhi Murugan Temple
The moolavar, Lord Murugan showers his blessings facing east under ThiruKura tree. A shivalingam is situated at the back of moolvar and a spatika linga is situated in the front. Goddess Devayanai has a separate sannadhi in this shrine.

The sthala puranam says this is the place where the Nichayathaartham (betrothal) was happened for muruga and theivaanai.
Sri Balasubramaniyar Temple
Murugan Temple - Kura Tree
Tiruvidaikazhi Murugan Temple
 தல விருக்க்ஷம் : குரா மரம் 
திரு குராவடி நிழல்லில் உறையும் பெருமானே ............
ThiruKura tree In Murugan Temple
How to Reach : It is near by Thirukadaiyur Abirami temple – Around 5 kms .
Upto Thirukadaiyur temple frequent buses are available, from there we can hire an auto .
Closest Land Mark : Thillayadi Valliammai Mani Mandapam in Thillayadi Village.
The above Photos are taken on the Festival day ( 25th - Sep- 2011 ) 

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