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Wahweap Overlook Arizona

Wahweap Overlook Page Arizona

Arizona is a vast landscape of natural beauty, iconic landmarks, and a wealth of outdoor recreation.
Lake Powell Page Arizona
Navajo Mountain Viewpoint AZ

Wahweap Overlook near Page Arizona is one of the best view point to explore the landscape beauty. It is Just a short distance north from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, Wahweap Overlook is one of the highest points around, yielding some of the grandest 360-degree views of Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell and Wahweap Bay.

Wahweap Overlook Page Arizona
Wahweap Overlook Page Attractions

Many visitors to the Page area head for the Wahweap Bay View Point / Wahweap Bay Overlook either at sunrise or sunset – you'll find the most dazzling views as the sun rays dance on the water at Glen Canyon. When you are planned to hiking in and around Lake Powell, be sure to visit the Wahweap Overlook for a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience. Wahweap view point is one of the better spots to photograph the sunset.

Wahweap Viewpoint Page
Wahweap Viewpoint Page Arizona
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Directions to Wahweap Overlook : From Page, AZ take hwy 89 north over the dam and past the visitors center there. Stay on 89. About 3 miles past the dam you should see a sign saying to go right.

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