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Franklin Jain Temple

Franklin Jain Temple - New Jersy 

Jain Temple in Franklin Township:  Franklin is one of best known Jain Temple in USA. It is situated in the Franklin Township, New Jersey. The temple built as like as other Jain temples. It is so nice in the architecture and interior works.

The main temple has magnificent marble idols of Lord Adinath, Lord Parshvanath, Lord Mahavira,

Idols in Franklin :

  • Shri Parshwnathji 
  • Shri Simandhar Swami
  • Shri Adinathji 
  • Shri Mahaveerji
  • Shri Vasupujyaji
  • Shri Shantinathji 

We can visit the Siddhachalam and Franklin Jain Temples in same day. Franklin Township, Jain Temple is 50 miles away from Siddhachalam Temple.

Franklin Township Jinalya Address :
Jain Center of New Jersey,
111 Cedar Grove Lane,
Somerset, NJ 08873.

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