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Koteshwar - Kotilingeshwar Temple

Koteshwar Sri Kotilingeshwara Temple

Koteshwar (Dhwajapura), a small town, located at a distance of around 35 kms from Udupi, Kundapur Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District has an important and ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Koteshwar Kotilingeshwar Temple
The main attraction of Koteshwara is Kotinatha or Kotilingeshwara temple. Gigantic Brahmaratha, vast Car Street and Kotitheerta, which is about 4-5 acre wide, are the speciality of the Kotilingeshwara temple.

Lord Shiva known as Kotilingeswar and is one  one of seven muktistala’s of Karnataka. 
(One of the 7 Parashurama Srishti kshetras of this region, i.e., creation of sage Parashurama, See below to see the list of 7 temples)
7 Mukti Sthalas/Parashurama Kshetras.
1.       Udupi
2.      Kollur
3.      Subrahmanya
4.      Kumbasi
5.      Koteshwara
6.      Sankaranarayana
7.      Gokarna 
The temple is built in typical Kerala type temple architecture.  The main shrine has a big idol of Shiva Linga. The Shiva Linga has face with two large eyes - a typical style how Shiva Linga is found in this region. There is a hollow inside the main shrine with a lot of small Shiva Linga idols. To view these idols, you may have to get the permission from priest to get inside the main shrine.
Koteshwar Kotilingeshwara Temple
Kodeshwara Shiva Temple
Legends say that it is the place where Brahma worshipped Lord Shiva as Kotilingeshwara. During the full moon, in the month of Vrischika, the annual festival is celebrated. It attracts a large number of devotees.
Nearby Temples :
Kollur Mookambika Temple is about 45 km from here.
Udupi Krishnan Temple 35 kms from koteshwar.
Sri Siddhi vinayaka Temple Kumbashi 3 km from Kundapur.
How to reach:  Koteshwar is well connected by road from Kundapur, Udupi and Mangalore.
Shri koteshwar kotilingeshwara temple, Koteshwara, Karnataka, Pin - 576222 .


  1. Koteshwara Temple, Udupi, Karnataka is one of the most ancient and sacred temples of South India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in the coastal town of Udupi. It dates back to the 9th century AD and was built by a local king named Mayurasharma. This temple holds an important place in Hindu mythology as it was here that Lord Shiva made his divine presence known for the first time.

    The temple has undergone many renovations over its long history but still retains its original form from when it was first constructed. Visitors come from all over India to witness this grand site which houses several shrines and sculptures depicting various forms of Lord Shiva including Nataraja, Virabhadra, Bhairava, Ganapathy etc.

    Source: https://www.pujasthan.com/koteshwara-temple-udupi-karnataka/

    1. Thanks for adding the more details about the temple


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