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Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple

Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple

Kateel  is a temple town in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. It is about 29 kilometers away from Mangalore and is considered one of the holiest temple towns in Hinduism.
Kateel Durga parameshwari Temple
Dakshina Kannada Temples
The main attraction of the town is the temple of Sri Durga Parameshwari. The holy temple is situated on an islet in the middle of the sacred river Nandini amidst panoramic scenes and fascinating greenery.

Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple ( துர்கா பரமேஸ்வரி ) is situated on the banks of River Nandini, amidst beautiful surroundings, is the spiritual energy center of South Kanara district. Goddess Durga is  the loving and caring mother of the people of South Kanara.
Kateelu Durga Paramewari Devi
Katil Durga Devi Temple
Birth of river Nandini : When drought hit this region, Sage jabali wanted to bring relief to the people and decided to perform a Yajna. He approached Lord Indra to help him in the Yagna and asked him to lend the divine cow “Kamadhenu”. As Kamadhenu was away, her daughter Nandini was asked to accompany Sage Jabali to earth. Nandini refused to accompany Jabali to earth stating that the earth was full of sinners. This enraged the sage and he cursed Nandini to become a river. Nandini realized her folly a bit too late and asked for forgiveness. Sage Jabali asked her to pray to Goddess Durga. Nandini prayed and Lord Durga appeared before her and told her that she has to flow as a river, but she (Durga) would be born as Nandini’s daughter. Hence flowed river Nandini from Kanakagiri hill. Sage Jabali successfully conducted the Yajna.
River Nandini Katil Mangalore
How To Reach : Frequent bus facilities are there from Mangalore

Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Kateel Post, 
Dakshina Kannada, Mangaluru, Karnataka 574148, India.

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