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Kodai Trip on Friends Day

2 Days Kodaikanal Trip on 2009 Aug 1 and 2 

Initially we Planned a Trip for Moonar, but Finally we decided to go to KodaikanalWe Started our Trip to Kodaikanal on July-31st 6.30 PM.
From My office ( KizhaKottaiyur, Chennai ) with 13 members . We hired a Tempo Traveler.
Kodaikanal Pillar Rock
Route Deatils: Chennai (Office) - Pondy - Thindivanam - Villupuram -Trichy - Vathalakundu-Kodaikanal. Total Expenses Around 2000 rs.
Friday July-31-2009 6.30 pm – Started from Office, then 6.45 am Vathalakundu - Coffee Break, again we started going up the hills by 7.00 am, and we reached Silver Falls By 9.00 am.

The Office finished by 6.00 pm , and we went to cafeteria and had some snacks and after bit of refreshments, We boarded the van at around 6.30 pm . We took the route of ECR from Kelambakkam to Pondicherry . We had a little stop over in Pondicherry as we bought some stuffs needed for our trip.
From Pondicherry we started around 10.30 pm and reached Thindivanam at 11.30 pm where we stopped for our dinner . We stopped in road side shop in NH 45 where we had hot dosas . From there we started around 12 midnight and we continued our journey towards Trichy on NH 45.

Around 3.00 am we crossed Trichy and stopped for Coffee in a small town . Most of them were slept and only a few woke up to have a coffee . After few minutes we continued our journey towards Vathalakundu . There we had a Cup of coffee and continued our journey to reach the Kodaikanal through the beautiful and scenic hill road . We reached Silver Falls by 9 am , where we had Fresh Carrots & Milakai-bhaji .
Kodai Coakers Walk
We reached Kodai at around 10. 00 am , we have booked a Cottage - like Separate House with 4 bed rooms. Then around 12 pm we got ready and went to ATM to with draw our salary( which was credited by that time) . Then we finished our Lunch in near by hotel.
Kodaikanal Silver Falls
By 1.00 pm we went to Coakers Walk , we missed the Green Scenery and saw only White Scenery ( Fully Mist Covered). And then we moved to Green Valley Point ( Suicide point) Again We saw the Same Mist all over there .
Guna Cave Shooting Point
Next we moved to Pillar Rock , but unable to see it . Near by we went to a Small Flowers Park . There we took lot of Snap Shots and enjoyed very well in the climate . Next we moved to Guna Cave , we played , Jumped , Shouted and enjoyed more , Fully Mist covered , we are unable to see the persons near by us .
Kodai Flower Park near Pillar Rock
Then we Moved to Boating Point at 5 pm and we hired a boat for one hour we enjoyed light drizzling and cool climate . At last we went to Kurinji Andavar Temple by 7 pm ( Murugan Temple) Where Kurinji flower blossoms once in 12 years .
We came back to room by 9 pm where we ordered so many food items prepared in room itself ( But all are very Costly then Star Hotels and Quantity also Low ) and we argued with room manager and finally brought down the cost .

Next Day Sunday [02- Aug-2009 ] Friend Ship Day.
we woke up by 8 am and we took our breakfast around 10 am in near by hotel.
We vacated the cottage and planned to go Poomparai , but we didn't go . On the way to Poomparai before 10 Kms we stopped our van , in a beautiful green land , where no one was there . so we thought it is the best place to enjoy .
Stop over near Poomparai
Around 12.30 pm we all started trekking , It was the first time for me , its really Amazing one , we all shouted and moved one by one , on the way i slipped down twice , and then i manged with 2 sticks. In that Place almost every one were bitten by the leeches . So we all got scared and returned back to our vehicle . We finished our trip there around 3 pm , and went for shopping near the lake . By 5 pm we started our way back to home With Lot of Green Memories and Mist . ( we reached Chennai by Monday 4 am ). 
Kodai_with_frnds 293Kodaikanal Outing 2009

Places we saw around Kodaikanal : 

  • Coakers Walk
  • Green Valley Point ( Suicide point)
  • Pillar Rock
  • Kodaikanal Flowers Park
  • Guna Cave
  • Boating Point
  • Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple
  • Poomparai 

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