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Sauvie Island Portland

Sauvie Island in Columbia River, Portland 

Sauvie Island is approximately 13 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon, and has 24,000 acres offering a variety of outdoor activities. Accessibly by the Sauvie Island Bridge, the island has a rural, relaxed way of life and is home to family farms and wilderness preserves that attract more visitors each year.
Oregon Nude Beach
Portland Sauvie Island
Sauvie Island Public Beach Access

Sauvie Island Fun Facts :
·       Originally it is called as Wapato Island or Wappatoo Island.
·       Largest island along the Columbia River, at 26,000 acres (10,522 ha).
·       It is one of the largest river islands in the United States.
·       The beaches open at dawn and close at 10 p.m

Sauvie Island has five beaches open year-round: Walton, Warrior Point, Collins, Reeder and North Unit. It lies approximately ten miles northwest of downtown Portland, between the Columbia River to the east, the Multnomah Channel to the west, and the Willamette River to the south.
Sauvie Island in Columbia River
Sauvie Island Oregon
Sauvie Island Public Beaches
Sauvie Island Reeder Beach
Sauvie Island Collins Beach

Sauvie Island Portland

Sauvie Island Public Beaches
Reeder, North Unit, Walton, Collins and Warrior Point public beaches are located along the island’s north/east coast (Columbia River). Travel along NW Reeder Road’s last few miles past the end of the pavement (approx 4 miles down the road from Reeder Beach). Walton Beach and Warrior Point Beach are located on the north side of the island in Columbia County.  Warrior Point Beach is accessible by boat or a 3.5 mile hike from the end of Reeder Road. And the Collins Beach has optional clothing.

Parking Permits
A daily pass is $10.00; an annual permit is $30.00 is needed. Be sure to place this on your dash when you park at the beach. Open from dawn to 10:00 p.m., and closed to overnight use and camping.
Note: If you have not already purchased, you will need to do so. They are available at the general store at the base of the bridge as you cross the river channel.

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