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High Falls DuPont State Forest

High Water Falls in DuPont State Forest

High Falls, on the Little River in Transylvania County, is a 125 ft (38 m) waterfall located in the DuPont State Forest, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
DuPont State Forest High Falls
High Falls Trailhead - Dupont State Forest
DuPont State Forest High Water Falls
High Falls is located in Transylvania County on the Little River through the DuPont State Forest. It is one of 4 major waterfalls on the Little River in this area, the others being Triple Falls, Hooker Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Above the falls itself, the river is level and calm. 
DuPont State Forest WaterFalls
High Falls DuPont State Forest
Most Beautiful Waterfalls in North Carolina
The falls consists of a wide, ever-steepening slide over granite, and the water generally stays on the rock the whole way down. In some places, the water free-falls for a few feet or jumps off the rock face, but it is not possible to get behind the falls anywhere.

High Falls North Carolina
High WaterFalls North Carolina

How To Reach : Visitors may park at the Hooker Falls parking area, and then hike the Triple Falls / High Falls Trail for roughly 1 mile (past the view for Triple Falls). There are several views of the falls, one from an overlook that lets you view the entire falls.

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