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Suwanee Greenway

Suwanee Greenway at McGinnis Ferry

Suwanee Greenway at McGinnis Ferry - As per name it is really a Green Way, Nice to walk or do the jogging  in the greenery trail. 

Suwanee Greenway multi-use trail begins in George F. Pierce Park in Gwinnett County on Buford Highway and runs along Suwanee Creek to the city of Buford's Suwanee Creek Park. The lineal park attracts a wide range of people, mostly walkers and joggers, to this level trail. Throughout the track are raised wetland trails and bikers are required to walk their bikes at the entrance on the north side of McGinnis Ferry for about a quarter mile because of a sharply curved descent from the road to the river valley. 

There are starting points throughout the trail, but we can do the hike end-to-end, from from Pierce Park in the north or Suwanee Park to the south. Both parks offers extensive parking areas, picnic tables, and additional trails within the park.  It is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking and paved bike and is accessible year-round.

Railway Track in McGinnis Ferry - Buford Highway (Near Suwanee Historic Town)

Camera Used : Iphone 5s

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