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Kalipatti - Murugan Temple

Kalipatti Kandhasamy Murugan Temple

Kalipatti Murugan temple, also known as the Sundhara Kandhasamy Kovil, located in Kalipatti village, Mallasamudram, near Tiruchengode. 
Kalipatti Murugan Temple
It is one of the seven richest temples in the district. The karum sambal (black ash) that is given to the devotees is believed to cure diseases and to serve as an remedy for snake poison. The temple was founded in the late eighteenth century by Pazhani Kavundar and later (around 1820) was built up by Katteri Lakshmana Kavunduar. The hut in which the founder worshipped his kaadi is now the Idumban shrine, a part of the expanded temple complex. It includes the Raja Gopuram and a peacock shrine all enclosed within a compound wall. The Raja Gopuram was modernized in 1978. There are two temple chariots, Chithra Thaer and Vinayaka Thaer, which are pulled around the temple during festival. 

The annual Thaipoosam festival in January is very popular and is attended by thousands of pilgrims from the surrounding villages that bear kaavadi in fulfillment of vows. The cattle fair held during the festival is one of the biggest in the Kongu country. More than 50,000 heads of cattle are sold and bought in this fair. Entire families from various parts of the district will travel in bullock carts to attend the fair. On these days, large offerings of agricultural produce, money, and jewels are made to the temple. There are chathrams of pilgrims. The Arya-Vaisya chathram is known as Rasipuram Pattabi Chettiyar Chathram and conducts special worships at the temple during February.   
Sundhara Kandhasamy Kovil
Kalipatti Kandhaswami Temple
How to Reach : Murugan temple at Kalipatti (காளிபட்டி), about 25 kms from Tiruchengode to salem route.
Kalipatti Kandhaswami temple  (Sundhara Kandhasamy Kovil )
Tiruchengode-Salem Rd, Kalipatti, Mallasamudram, Tamil Nadu 637501, India

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