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Riverdale Temple in Atlanta

Riverdale Hindu Temple in Atlanta

Hindu Temple of Atlanta was built in 1990, is located in the city of Riverdale near Atlanta, Georgia. Built in the traditional South Indian style, it is frequented by followers of Hinduism in the Greater Atlanta area.
Hindu Temple of Atlanta
Atlanta Shiva Vishnu Temple
The Hindu temple has two complexes - one complex with Lord Venkateswara as the presiding deity and the other with Lord Shiva as the presiding deity. In addition to the presiding deity, both complexes have shrines for other deities.
The Hindu Temple of Atlanta
Riverdale Ventkateswara Temple
Atlanta Siva Temple
Other deities in the Atlanta Shiva Vishnu temple
Ø  Lord Ganesha
Ø  Lord Subramanya
Ø  Sri Parvati
Ø  Navagrahas
Ø  Sri Lakshmi
Ø  Sri Durga
Ø  Sri Hanuman
How to Reach : Hindu Temple of Atlanta, is just miles away from Atlanta airport.

The Hindu Temple of Atlanta (Riverdale, GA) 5851 GA-85, Riverdale, GA 30274
Riverdale Siva Vishnu Temple
Riverdale Hindu Temple in Atlanta

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