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Uthiramerur Kudavolai System

Uthiramerur (Tamil: உத்திரமேரூர்) is a panchayat town in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
Uthiramerur - Birth Place of Democracy
Uthiramerur is also known as the birth place of democracy. The stone inscriptions (uthiramerur kalvettu tamil) in this town explains how constitutions were laid for democratic administration and also about electoral systems etc., People here have followed the election system called “Kudavolai” system for electing their favorite leaders in the local elections and the rules for nominating in elections and the voting systems which is the fore runner for today’s electoral systems.

Vaikunda Perumal Temple :  This temple is now under ASI maintenance as an heritage monument. It is adjacent to the town bus stand. It stands as silent witness to past and present amidst very busy road and a bus stand.

Uthiramerur Inscriptions on Kudavolai Election System (உத்திரமேரூர் குடவோலை முறை )

Uthiramerur Kudavolai
Uthiramerur Inscriptions on Chola Kudavolai Election System
Uthiramerur Kalvettu details
Stone edicts and carvings found in Uthiramerur have shown clues of local self governance during Chola imperial period . The elections were held by a method called Kudavolai. The edicts are called Uthiramerur Kalvettu after the place. It was inscribed on the walls of the village assembly (grama sabha mandapa), which was a rectangular structure made of granite slabs that the village had a perfect electoral system and a written Constitution prescribing the mode of elections.This inscription, dated around 920 A.D. in the reign of Parantaka Chola, is an outstanding document in the history of India.
Grama Sabha Mandapam Uttriamerur

Location : About 85 kms from Chennai off the GST Road. Frequent bus services available from chennai.

Temples to See in Uthiramerur : 
Vaikunda Perumal Temple,  and 
Kailasa nathar Temple

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